Fencing Services

Fencing Services in Northamptonshire

As recommended fencing contractors in Northamptonshire you can be assured of quality workmanship and reliability, with a professional fencing service at reasonable prices when you contract a member of the Northamptonshire Fencing Network.

Our members’ clients list includes hundreds of satisfied customers, many whom are repeat business and have many on going projects with Residential customers, local authorities and major construction companies who know they are dealing with a company with a great reputation for on-time quality installations.

Picket Fencing in Northamptonshire

A picket fence is traditionally installed around front gardens, and improves the appearance and security of a property, as it provides good lines of sight from the house. The stylish design has been popular for many years, and is the perfect option for protecting or marking out boundaries while still allowing light to pass through.

Due to its versatile design, picket fencing (or palisade fence as we call it) will blend in to almost all gardens whether they are rural or urban, so it is a great option for use when protecting garden features such as ponds or swimming pools without blocking views or being too intimidating.

Timber Fencing in Northamptonshire

There are countless options for Timber Fencing in Northamptonshire. This includes traditional style as well as ornamental fencing panels, garden gates, posts and more. Take a look at our gallery to discover the wide range of options available.
Timber fences are very popular as they look great and our natural. Timber fencing panels come in a variety of colours and finishes. In addition to this, our members can offer expert advice to suggest the best possible option based on your preferences and requirements.

Composite Fencing in Northamptonshire

With its modern, sleek colour and simple tongue and groove fitting system that provides additional adaptability, composite fencing is ideal for a wide range of gardens. No compromise is made with appearance, as composite fencing in Northamptonshire has an on-trend look that will not deteriorate as it is warp free, rot free and splinter free.

Being capable of withstanding the test of time, whilst not ridding the world of its natural resources, also makes composite fencing a sustainable and forward-thinking option. Merging sustainability with low maintenance, the popularity of composite fencing is only likely to grow, and with the premium look that it brings, we can all be happier for it.

Agricultural Fencing in Northamptonshire

Specialist agricultural fencing can be adapted to suit any requirement, whether that is post and rail fencing for horses, stock netting for sheep, cattle fencing or electric fencing. Post and rail fencing can be combined with stock netting, wire, or electric fencing in order to be fit for purpose. Field fencing in Northamptonshire is important to keep stock in, but also to keep pests and predators out.

Our members can also supply and install gates, to match new or existing fencing. Agricultural, livestock and farm gates can also be fitted to suit your needs, including metal and wooden field gates, kissing gates, electric spring gates and more.

Commercial Fencing in Northamptonshire

The installation and replacement of fencing is cost-effective and one of the most efficient ways to secure workplaces in Northamptonshire. Commercial fencing not only protects your premises against crime, but it also ensures the safety of anybody accessing your site. There are a range of colours and styles available to suit all needs, including mesh, palisade and steel fencing. Our time-served contractors will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.